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we offer seven majors and nine minors in all areas of business. we support your career goals with a core business curriculum and a required internship. 

by the time you graduate with your bachelor of science in business administration, you will be well-versed in the world of business and have a chosen career path, real-world experience on your resume, and resources available to help you find a job. learn more about our career-ready program!

undergraduate majors


this professional major prepares you for entry-level positions in public accounting, management accounting, and financial management.

business analytics and managerial economics

businesses are increasingly looking for new employees with strong foundations in data analytics, economics, and business administration. gain the skills you need to fill these jobs.

entrepreneurial studies

this interdisciplinary major focuses on the tools you need to start a business, manage a small business, expand a family business, lead innovation efforts in a corporate environment, or become an effective manager in a fast-growing enterprise.


a solid base in economics and finance is a valuable background for any business professional. develop your program based on your career goals.


develop knowledge of people, teams, and organizations. prepare for a career as a leader in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations of all sizes.


learn all aspects of marketing, including consumer behavior, marketing research, and sales management. put your skills into practice through a capstone course in marketing strategy.

risk management and insurance

this majors covers the identification, evaluation, mitigation, and financing of risks faced by businesses and individuals alike. gain industry-focused knowledge and prepare to become a business leader and decision maker.

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